Last changed 26th February 2017

  1. Title
    The club shall be known as the Tabby Point Siamese and Progressive Breeders Cat Club.
  2. Aims and Purpose
    The purpose of the club shall be:
    1. to promote the breeding and exhibition of the Tabby Point Siamese, also Experimental Siamese and Siamese type shorthairs achieving recognition after 1973, by holding an annual show,
    2. to promote good breeding practices, by the giving of experienced advice to fanciers, particularly for the Tabby Point Siamese and Oriental Shorthairs,
    3. in co-operation with other affiliated clubs via the relevant Breed Advisory Committees to establish Standards of Points and Breeding Policies and to nominate and approve persons appointed as judges,
    4. to represent the interests of club members to both GCCF and BAC committees,
    5. to promote interest in the protection and welfare of all cats.
    As a non profit making organisation, the club will not be registered under the Data Protection Act but will comply with the Act with regard to personal information it may hold.
  3. GCCF Membership
    1. The club shall be a member of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and shall be represented at GCCF meetings by the number of delegates permitted under GCCF bylaws.
    2. Membership provides that the GCCF shall have disciplinary powers with regard to the club and its members in accordance with the GCCF bylaws.
    3. Except with the permission of the GCCF, no delegate may serve as an officer or committee member of any cat club which is not a member of the GCCF.
    4. The club, on behalf of its membership, agrees to submit to the bylaws and rules of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.
  4. Breed Advisory Committees
    1. The club shall be a member of all relevant Breed Advisory Committees.
    2. Representatives will be elected by the committee. Representatives must ascertain the views of the committee on matters to be discussed on BAC agendas and their reports shall be presented to committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting.
    3. If necessary, a substitute representative may be appointed with the approval of a majority of committee members or, in an emergency by one of the club officers. In these circumstances, the substitute must be briefed with the committee’s views. Such approval may be conveyed by any means of communication.
  5. Membership
    1. Membership shall be open to all fanciers, subject to being proposed and seconded by two paid-up members of a GCCF affiliated club, and with such application to be placed before the next committee meeting for confirmation. The committee has the power to refuse membership with reasons for refusal to be detailed in the minutes of the meeting. Life membership is also available.
    2. Any member (including life and honorary members) suspended under Article 12 of the GCCF Byelaws and wishing to re-join after expiry of the suspension, must apply to the committee for re-instatement.
    3. The committee has the power to expel or suspend any member for breach of the club’s rules or objectives. The member may, within twenty-one days, appeal against any such decision, in which case a General Meeting shall be convened to hear the appeal. At that meeting, a two-thirds majority is required for the penalty to be enforced.
  6. Subscriptions
    The subscriptions and entry fees shall be agreed by members at each Annual General Meeting. At the discretion of the committee, membership shall lapse if the subscription falls five months in arrears, with a reminder notice to be included with the AGM notices.
  7. Honorary President and Vice-Presidents
    The President and Vice-presidents shall be elected annually by members at the AGM but may continue in office indefinitely and may attend all meetings.
  8. Committee
    1. The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee, meeting not fewer than three times in the year, comprising a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and nine other members.
    2. The Committee is empowered to appoint a Breeding Advisor who may be invited to attend committee meetings in an advisory capacity. The Breeding Advisor shall have no vote.
    3. The Show Manager and BAC Representatives have the right to attend committee meetings but have no vote unless they are also committee members.
    4. A committee meeting quorum shall consist of four members two of whom must be officers. The Chairman shall have no vote but shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie.
    5. Any committee member guilty of serious breaches of the club’s rules and objectives and/or other misconduct may be required to resign. Should they refuse to do so, they will be suspended pending a Special General Meeting called in order for the case to be heard. The agreement of two thirds majority of those present and voting will result in the committee member in question being excluded from membership of the committee with immediate effect.
    6. It is the duty of committee members to respect the confidentiality of committee discussions.
    7. The committee has the power to determine as it thinks fit in matters not covered by the rules.
  9. Election of Committee
    1. The officers shall be elected by the Committee and shall hold office for two years when they may offer themselves for re-election.
    2. Committee members shall be elected at the AGM for a term of three years and shall be eligible for re-election. The Committee may fill vacancies arising until the next AGM. In addition, the Committee may co-opt two members.
    3. Officers and committee members failing to attend three meetings during a year without a justifiable reason may be asked to resign.
    4. Election of Delegates
      GCCF delegates and substitute delegates shall be elected at each AGM and may offer themselves for re-election. Delegates and substitute delegates must be officers or committee members. Delegates’ reports shall be presented to committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting.
  10. Honorary Treasurer
    1. The funds of the club will be deposited in a bank approved by the committee. Signatories to cheques drawn on the club account may include Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and such other committee members as the committee deems fit. Cheques over £100 must be signed by any two of these providing they do not reside at the same address.
    2. The financial year of the club will be from 1st January to 31st December.
    3. The Treasurer shall present a balance sheet and accounts, which have been examined by a suitable, independent person, to the AGM.
    4. The Treasurer shall also present a report to every committee meeting giving updates on membership and balances.
    5. All approved expenses incurred by the officers, GCCF delegates and BAC representatives on behalf of the club (including fares and motor fuel at cost) shall be defrayed out of the club funds.
    6. All deposits in the Distressed Cats’ Fund are to be used exclusively for cats requiring rehoming or to give assistance to those cats whose circumstances have deteriorated.
    Honorary Secretary
    1. The Secretary shall maintain a list of members and conduct all correspondence of the club.
    2. The Secretary shall call the general meetings and committee meetings as required and keep minutes and records of such meetings.
    3. The Secretary shall present an annual report to the AGM.
  11. General Meetings
    1. The Annual General Meeting must be held before 1st May every year.
    2. Matters to be decided at the AGM include approval of minutes and accounts, appointment of a suitable, independent person to examine the accounts, election of President, Vice-President and committee members as appropriate and election of GCCF delegates.
    3. The quorum for such a meeting is as for a committee meeting with the addition of one member who is neither a committee member nor an officer.
    4. All nominations and matters for the agenda should be submitted in writing to the Hon. Secretary by 31st December. Nominations must be proposed and seconded by members of the club.
    5. Notice of time, date, place and Agenda, together with accounts, balance sheet and the previous AGM minutes shall be circulated to all members not less than 14 days and not more than 28 days prior to the meeting by the Secretary.
    6. The Committee may call a Special General Meeting where the only business to be discussed will be a previously specified topic. In addition, the Committee shall call a Special General Meeting if a written request is received from 12 or more members specifying the nature of the business for discussion. A surety of £50 must be provided by those requesting such a meeting and no other business will be discussed.
    7. Voting may be by postal vote received at least seven days prior to the meeting or in person at all general meetings.
    8. Proposals for alterations, deletions or additions to the rules should be submitted in writing to the Hon. Secretary by 31st December. Such proposals shall form part of the Agenda which must be circulated to all members 28 days prior to the meeting. Including postal votes, a majority of two thirds of the members voting is required.
  12. Amalgamation or Winding-up
    1. The club may be wound up or amalgamated with another club, association or society only by resolution passed by a two-thirds’ majority in a ballot of all members 28 days prior to a General Meeting, the results of such a ballot to be announced at the meeting.
    2. In the event of winding up, the Club’s property and assets shall be disposed of in the manner ordered by a General Meeting.
    3. In the event of amalgamation with another body, the terms of such amalgamation shall be negotiated by the Committee but shall be subject to ratification by the Club in General Meeting.